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Finally note the front camera for video calls, which has a 1.2 megapixel sensor and record video HD720p. The media profile of Apple mobile devices is somewhat limited in playing certain formats, eg AVI videos are not supported and must be converted in order to play. But yes it is compatible with files like MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, MP4 or MOV among others. However there is the option to use iCloud storage or other services in the Dropbox cloud type.



If you want to view photos or videos on your TV iPhone will have to resort to a special cable or use the AirPlay mirroring only works through the Apple TV. Given these limitations, the iPhone 5C may be a pocket player where to take our music. It also gives access to the iTunes store where you can http://howtojailbreakatv.com buy plenty of titles, both movies and music. We close with a review of the EarPods headphones included in the box, more ergonomic and capable of playing a very clear sound.



The iPhone 5C committed an A6 processor, a dual-core combined with a quad-core graphics chip and one GB of RAM. With this configuration there is more than enough for the system to work smoothly and move any application even more complete games. Besides Apple's mobile platform boasts run smoothly without jumps, it is rare that any animation gets stuck or becomes annoying slowing effect. Operating System and Applications.